Sneak Peak at the New “The List”

I thought it was time to give people an idea of what the new list will look like and be capable of. It’ll still be a little while before it’s ready to go live, but here’s a sneak peak!

The first image is the main list view filtered by a language, Kazakh.

What follows is the record of the newly discovered unauthorized partial PS translation in Kazakh—partly ‘rolled up’ to make it visible in a reasonable number of screenshots.

The new list will be able to not only keep track of publishers, editions, and notes, but also artwork, images, recordings and other file attachments, as well as notes, sources, and links. Any text (titles, names, notes) can have multiple translations into different languages, transliterations into different scripts using different standards, IPA pronunciations. It will all be searchable, interactive, and displayable in different ways. Eventually, it will be open for users to create their own private (or public) lists and to contribute for themselves.

The List filtered by Kazakh

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