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New (Authorized) Mongolian Translation: Prisoner of Azkaban

First authorized translation of this book! Prisoner of Azkaban: Title: Харри Поттер ба Азкабаны Хоригдол Transliteration: Harri Potter ba Azkabany Khorigdol Translator: Н. Энхнаран (N. Enkhnaran) Publication Date: 2018-06-15 ISBN: 9789997316028 Publisher: Монсудар хэвлэлийн...


Harry Potter and the Racing Pirates

Two new (unauthorized) Urdu translations have been released this month, both of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The first is by the same Urdu translator that has been methodically working his way...


The Potter Collector Is Done Again

After finishing his collection of Harry Potter Philosopher’s Stone translations in 2016, @thepottercollector started on a collection of the rest of the books—an incredibly daunting task! One I wouldn’t dream of trying to take...