Afrikaans Back in Print!

NB Publishers, of which Human & Rousseau is an imprint, announced in February that all of the Afrikaans Harry Potter books will be reprinted finally this year with Johnny Duddle Art. PS is out now and a new book will be released each month until October.

NB Publishers Announcement

In the announcement they say that the books have been out of print since 2013; however, the last print of PS was 2007 and it has been approaching “Big 6” availability.

The translations will be “lightly” revised:

Al werk wat ons nou aan die tekste doen, is om die vertalings liggies te hersien om name en titels oral konsekwent te maak. Dit word gedoen om aan te pas by hedendaagse tendense in die vertaalpraktyk, asook die feit dat hierdie handelsmerk en karakters sedertdien wêreldberoemd geword het. Dumbledore is byvoorbeeld nou in ál sewe boeke Dumbledore, eerder as Dompledorius; Hermione is nou Hermione en nie Hermien nie; ensovoorts.

All work we are doing on the texts now is to lightly revise the translations to make names and titles consistent everywhere. This is done to adapt to contemporary trends in translation practice, as well as the fact that this brand and characters have since become world famous. For example, Dumbledore is now in all seven books Dumbledore, rather than Dompledorius; Hermione is now Hermione and not Hermien; and so on.

This is typical of translation revisions motivated by simplifying global trademarking and marketing and not the kind of revision that I am generally very interested in.

Although it’s not a new translation, given that there are only two authorized translations published in Africa, it is exciting to have it back in print!

Title: Harry Potter en die Towenaar Se Steen
ISBN: 978-0-7981-8438-0
Published: 2004-04

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