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First Official Translation in Kazakh!

Title: Хәрри Поттер мен пәлсапа тас Transliteration: Hárri Potter men pálsapa tas Translators: Dinara Mazen, Sayat Mukhamediyar, and Narkez Berikkazy Editor: Nazgul Kozhabek ISBN: 9789919955762 Published: February 7, 2020 Publisher: Steppe and World Publisher...

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First Official Translation in Yiddish!

Title: הערי פּאָטער און דער פֿילאָסאָפֿישער שטיין Transliteration: heri poter aun der filosofisher shtejn Translator: Arun Schaechter Viswanath ISBN: tba Published: March 1, 2020 Publisher: Olniansky Tekst Purchase from: direct from publisher

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First Official Translation in Belarusian!

Title: Гары Потэр і філасофскі камень Transliteration: Hary Poter i Filasofski Kamień Translator: Алена Пятровіч (Alena Piatrovič) ISBN: 9789857210350 Published: December 2019 Publisher: Januškevič Purchase from: Lohvinau appears to ship internationally (publisher appears not...


Harry Potter and the Urdu Pirate

While researching the two Urdu ‘hehs’ I happened across an set of unauthorized Urdu translations of PS-GOF! The translations were done by Moazzam Javed Bukhari who appears to be a legit translator and children’s...


New Romanian Translations!

These kind of slipped by me until I noticed COS and POA on alltheprettybooks‘s site. I knew about the first book (and have it of course!) but that was before Potterglot was a thing....