Congratulations @techluver!

@techluver1 has completed his collection! This one is unique though—possibly the only one in the world. It is a complete collection of the authorized audiobooks of the translations of Philosopher’s Stone—the last one he managed to finally get a hold of was the Catalan audiobook read by Joan Massotkleiner and published by Editorial Empuries.

@techluver has also contributed a lot to The List and in particular is responsible for supplying the details for most of the audiobooks listed.

1 not an Instagram handle like I usually use—he doesn’t use Instagram

* @techluver asked me to clarify—there is a Chinese Pottermore audiobook that is out and he doesn’t have. That’s because it is streaming only (for the time being) and then only in PRC; it will apparently be released more broadly later this year. So his collection is as complete as it can be at this moment.

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