Spanish Deathly Hallows Unauthorized Translation Identified

This one is cool because I found it within a couple blocks from my house! A new used bookstore opened up in my neighbourhood and this unauthorized translation I didn’t know about before was there! So cool.

The printed version I found interestingly has a non-standard title on the cover: “Harry Potter y las reliquias malditas” which is kind of like “Cursed Relics”. The title on the title page of the book however, is the standard “reliquias, de la muerta”, or “relics of death”, and I assume that’s what is used throughout.

It turns out this is a fan translation that was originally posted to in 2007—don’t bother trying to go there, the page has long been taken down and doesn’t even show up in the Internet Archive or anything. It is possible to find PDF copies of this translation if you search diligently, but this translation does to have been more effectively scrubbed from the internet than others of its type.

The translator was never identified as far as I can tell. Also note that although the book has an well-formed ISBN on the cover, it is the ISBN from a Spanish Chamber of Secrets edition. Interestingly, they also mixed cover art—the front cover is Mary Grandpré of course, however, the back cover was from Jason Crockoft’s Deathly Hallows.

Title: Harry Potter Y Las Reliquias De La Muerte
ISBN: 978-84-7888-562-6

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