PotterGlot’s (That’s ME!) Collection Complete!

I truly never really thought the day would come that I would have them all! A few years ago, it seemed pretty hopeless—three of the “Big Six” were on my “need” list and now I have them all. This little gem arrived on my doorstep yesterday:

I feel a little faint!

This is a collection that started in September 2001, when I bought my first translation (Japanese) in San Jose, California—a friend and I went to visit another friend to go see “Sorceror’s Stone” which had just opened. 17½ years!

Nepali has been particularly stuck in my craw because I had been corresponding with the publisher when the book was in print. But for some reason—honestly, I have no idea why—they said “we cannot deliver outside Nepal” and they were completely rigid about that; even when I [nudge,nudge,wink,wink] offered to cover the costs of any “additional effort”.

At least Greenlandic and Macedonian were well out of print by the time I was seriously trying to acquire them.

You see, in the early days, I had “rules”. I have some serious compulsive collecting issues; knowing this about myself, I also know how to manage them. I am very careful about committing to a collection—it must be meaningful to me and it must be a (relatively) closed set (i.e. not something like stamps or coins—something that it is within the realm of possibility to complete). I also define rules to keep myself from going crazy: in this case, it started with “languages I have studied or from countries I have visited”. I started without the intent to get all the translations, but just to get them as souvenirs of travel.

In 2004, I started working for a company that made predictive text-messaging software as the head of the Linguistics department. We more than supported 60 languages and I expanded my rules to “any language my department was actively working on”. After I stopped working there about ten years ago, my collecting went on a bit of a hiatus—not completely, but since I was struggling starting my own company, there wasn’t a lot of spare time or cash around and other priorities took over. I started collecting again in earnest—no rules this time!—about five years ago and, of course, I missed the boat on a few books in that period.

I owe a debt of gratitude to all the people that have helped me get to this point and the community of collectors on Instagram—particularly @thepottercollector and @mcallister_alaskagrown who, really, are responsible for finding the last books I needed for me! Thank you so much!

Naturally, people will wonder if I’m going to continue with the subsequent books, and the answer is NO! I’m done! I am content with my collection as it is (aside from maintenance of course). Instead, I am going to focus on this site and The List and cataloguing editions. I have been working in my (dwindling) free time, to build a sophisticated database structure tailored to the collection of Harry Potter books. One that allows for tracking for all the crazy criteria that we as collectors think is important and one that can capture the linguistic nuances that I care about. And then of course, I need to populate it a build some tools on this site to access and contribute to it.

That, I think, will satisfy my collecting drive—I’ll just be collecting information instead of physical books that I
don’t have any more space for—and at the same time, I think it is a more valuable contribution to our community.

For reference, as of today, 2018-03-23, this is the list of books I have that “count” according to my criteria: 94 books in total.

Language Alt Language Script Region Category Status
Afrikaans Latin Tr authorized
Albanian Latin Tr authorized
Arabic Arabic Tr authorized
Armenian Armenian Tr unauthorized
Armenian Armenian Tr authorized
Asturian Latin Tr authorized
Azerbaijani Latin Tr authorized
Basque Latin Tr authorized
Bengali Bengali Tr authorized
Bosnian Latin Tr authorized
Breton Latin Tr authorized
Bulgarian Cyrillic Tr authorized
Catalan Latin Tr authorized
Catalan Valencian Latin Valencia A authorized
Croatian Latin Tr authorized
Czech Latin Tr authorized
Danish Latin Tr authorized
Dutch Latin Tr authorized
English Latin O authorized
English Latin America A authorized
English Braille America Tl authorized
Estonian Latin Tr authorized
Faroese Latin Tr authorized
Filipino Latin Tr authorized
Finnish Latin Tr authorized
French Latin Tr authorized
Galician Latin Tr authorized
Georgian Georgian Tr authorized
German Latin Tr authorized
Greek, Ancient Greek Tr authorized
Greek, Modern Greek Tr authorized
Greenlandic Kalaallisut Latin Tr authorized
Gujarati Gujarati Tr authorized
Hebrew Hebrew Tr authorized
Hindi Devanagari Tr authorized
Hungarian Latin Tr authorized
Icelandic Latin Tr authorized
Indonesian Latin Tr authorized
Irish Latin Tr authorized
Italian Latin Tr authorized
Italian Latin V authorized
Japanese Han + Hiragana + Katakana Tr authorized
Khmer Khmer Tr authorized
Korean Hangul + Han Tr authorized
Latin Latin Tr authorized
Latvian Latin Tr authorized
Lithuanian Latin Tr authorized
Low German Latin Tr authorized
Luxembourgish Latin Tr authorized
Macedonian Cyrillic Tr authorized
Malayalam Malayalam Tr authorized
Malay Malaysian Latin Tr authorized
Mandarin Chinese Han – Simplified PRC Tr authorized
Mandarin Chinese Han – Traditional Taiwan Tr authorized
Marathi Devanagari Tr authorized
Mongolian Cyrillic Tr authorized
Mongolian Cyrillic Tr authorized
Nepali Devanagari Tr authorized
Nepali Devanagari Tr unauthorized
Norwegian Latin Tr authorized
Occitan Latin Tr authorized
Persian Farsi Arabic Tr unauthorized
Persian Farsi Arabic Tr authorized
Polish Latin Tr authorized
Portuguese Latin Europe Tr authorized
Portuguese Latin Brazil Tr authorized
Romanian Latin Tr authorized
Romanian Latin Tr authorized
Russian Cyrillic Tr authorized
Russian Cyrillic Tr authorized
Scots Latin Tr authorized
Serbian Latin Tr authorized
Serbian Cyrillic Tl authorized
Serbian Montenegrin Latin Montenegro A authorized
Sinhala Sinhala Tr authorized
Slovak Latin Tr authorized
Slovenian Latin Tr authorized
Spanish Latin Europe A authorized
Spanish Latin Latin America A authorized
Spanish Latin Southern Cone Tr authorized
Spanish Latin V authorized
Swedish Latin Tr authorized
Tamil Tamil Tr authorized
Telugu Telugu Tr authorized
Thai Thai Tr authorized
Tibetan Tibetan Tr authorized
Turkish Latin Tr authorized
Turkish Latin Tr authorized
Uighur Arabic Tr unauthorized
Ukrainian Cyrillic Tr authorized
Urdu Arabic Tr authorized
Vietnamese Latin Tr authorized
Welsh Latin Tr authorized
Western Frisian Latin Tr authorized

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    Hi, I’ve been dying for years to get my hands on a Malayalam copy of The Philosophers Stone, but have not had any luck. (I am an American learning Malayalam) I’m trying to contact the publishers, but have not heard back from them. Do you have any ideas for me? Thanks!

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