Bosnian Half-Blood Prince Published!

Complete with the the unique stylized cover art that we have come to expect from Bosnian! Actually, this one is my favourite of the six so far: Dumbledore looks like he just arrived from Woodstock. Which, frankly, seems completely on-brand to me!

Title:Harry Potter i princ poluplave krvi
Translator:Mirjana Evtov

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2 responses

  1. Heidi says:

    This may be an extremely silly question, but how do you order books from a website you can’t read? I would love to order the Bosnian HBP (I have the other 5, but I bought them from The Potter Collector), but I can’t make anything out and I can’t seem to translate the page… Help!

    • PotterGlot says:

      Well, you’d be surprised how much you can just guess at—webstores do all tend to have a very similar stucture!

      But more seriously, Google translate is your friend! You *can* copy-paste stuff into but that’s a bit of a pain. If you use Chrome, often Chrome will automatically recognize the language the webpage is in and offer to translate it for you. If it doesn’t or you’re using another browser you can usually find and install google translate extension. It’s useful even in chrome because sometimes, for whatever reason, it doesn’t pop-up with the offer to translate. When the extension is installed, you can click on the icon and click “translate this page”.

      It’s definitely not perfect, but it’ll usually get you through!

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