Second Unauthorized Tigrinya Translation of Philosopher’s Stone!

I’ve known about this one for a little while—in the process of securing a copy of the first, my source let me know they had found another translation—but the only photos I has were not clear enough to make out the details. But now, I’m delighted to say I have it in my possession!

This translation was actually published before the other so “first” and “second” only refers to discovery order. It was published with (at least) two covers, although the text is identical, including the front matter which has no printing details to signify the difference. If pressed, I would hazard the guess that the ‘train’ cover preceded the ‘movie’ cover.

I was a little surprised that the ISBN checks out! It’s well formed and belongs to a range registered to Aman Printing Press in Asmara, Eritrea!

Title:ሃሪ ፖተር እታ ናይ ፈላስፋ እምኒ
Transliteration:hāri potar ‘etā nāy falasafā ’emeni
Translator:Alex Bruush (ኣሌከሰ ብሩሸ)
Publisher:Aman Printing Press
Purchase From:unknown

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  1. Semhal says:

    It’s incredible that you managed to find two versions! I have been looking for a long time and haven’t had any luck. I want to improve my Tigrinya language skills with a book I am familiar with. Is there anyway you can share where you found these or how you got in touch with publishers? Any insight would be really helpful, thanks!

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