Unauthorized Tigrinya Translation of Philosopher’s Stone Found!

Updated 2020-12-27

This is a pretty exciting one! Tigrinya is a language spoken in East Africa, particularly in Eritrea. Aside from Arabic and Afrikaans which are technically African languages but don’t intuitively feel like they should be considered African languages, this is the first African translation I’ve come across!

The details originally found on the Ferdosi website seem to have mistaken the publisher with the other Tigrinya translation found. The ISBN is well-formed (as a 10-digit ISBN not a 13-digit) and belongs to a range registered to Nalet Printing Press

Title:ሃሪ ፖተር እታ እምነ-ተኣምራት
Transliteration:hari poter Eta Emne-teAmrat (native speaker)
hāri potar ‘etā ’emna-ta’āmrāt (Library of Congress)
Translator:ኣሃዱ ደስታኣለም
Ahadu Tesfalem (Destalem? There is some potential ambiguity in the transliteration of names)
Ahadu Desta-alem (as printed in the front matter)
Publisher:Aman Printing Press
Nalet Printing Press
Purchase From:www.ferdosi.com (unavailable as of writing)

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