Harry Potter and the Nepali Sadness

There was an Indian importer, D. K. Agencies, that claimed to be able to get the Nepali Philosopher’s Stone (ह्यारी पोटर र पारसमणि Hyārī Poṭara ra pārasamaṇi); I had inquired and they said that they would be sending some people to Nepal this month. They got back to me and:

Recently our book buying team visited Nepal. They have reported that this title has gone out of print and no longer available.


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  1. Xander says:

    That happened to me too 🙁

  2. Carly says:

    Yeah, happened to someone I know too 🙁 I do know someone who got a book from them back when the books were in print. Such sadness 🙁

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