New Urdu Unauthorized Illustrated Edition

Najam Noor Khan, who recently translated Philosopher’s Stone released an illustrated edition of his translation too! We don’t see that happen too often with unauthorized digital translations; usually one is enough work!

I have to say, that it is beautifully done and well worth looking through. I expected it to be the Jim Kay illustrated edition, but it is full of beautiful original art from a variety of artists who don’t appear to be credited (the text in the PDF is not Unicode, so it’s very difficult to access as a non-speaker). I’m sure their art was not used with their permission.

That said, many of the originals are not hard to find and I am delighted to have been introduced to “The Geek Can Paint”, an artist named Keith James who created quite a remarkable collection of vignettes and cover art for books 1-3 which can all be viewed on his DeviantArt page. I have to say his depictions are some of my all time favourites and his covers are amazing!

Title: ہیری پوٹر اور پارس پتھر
Transliteration: harry potter aur paras pathar
Published: 2023-08-28

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