Harry Potter and the Urdu Pirate

While researching the two Urdu ‘hehs’ I happened across an set of unauthorized Urdu translations of PS-GOF! The translations were done by Moazzam Javed Bukhari who appears to be a legit translator and children’s book author. I’m pretty sure they are published in digital form only (pdf) and you can find them on his(?) blog. At least for the time being—these posts date from October, but the translations have definitely been around longer than that. I suspect that he (and others) have been playing a game of whack-a-mole in publishing them.

When I have a chance, I’d like to do a more in-depth comparison of text—it does seem somewhat suspicious to me that a pirate translator would stop at 4 books just like the authorized translations… I wonder whether he either just ripped off the authorized text or was using the authorized text as a kind of bootstrap and just modified it somewhat? At any rate, he certainly made modifications to the titles!

Original Pirate
1. ہیری پوٹر اور پارس پتھر ہیری پوٹر اور پارس پتھرکاراز
2. ہیری پوٹر اور رازوں کا کمرہ ہیری پوٹر اور تہہ خانے کے اسرار
3. ہیری پوٹر اور ازکبان کا قیدی ہیری پوٹر اور اژقبان کا اسیر
4. ہیری پوٹر اور آگ کا پیالہ ہیری پوٹر اورشعلوں کا پیالہ

I’m still working on transliterations and understanding the differences in word choice… I’ll update when I have those finalized.

One thing that draws me to these is the cover art he’s included which I think is of excellent quality! I don’t recognize them from anywhere else and a reverse image search didn’t turn up anything besides these translations—if someone does recognize them, let me know! (Edit: At least 1, 3 and 4 are all Mary Grandprē art; the last one having been edited somewhat.)

Note that he sticks with the convention from the original books of using the correct spelling of “Harry Potter” inside the book, but the incorrect spelling on the covers! Or maybe that was the choice of the artist?

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  1. Danish says:

    There is another Urdu Translator by the name of Najam Noor Khan. He is translating the 5th, 6th and 7th Books. His are also unofficial translations. Do check them out.

  2. Jacob says:

    The blog now says that book 5 will be out by the end of March

  3. Jacob says:

    Book 5 is up now, and I think it says that Book 6 will be out in July

  4. danish says:

    For anybody who wants to know the link to the above mentioned second author/translator I mentioned above, it is:


    The Chapters he has translated thus far are on the blog.

  5. masood says:

    hi can i please get a link to the books to read !

  6. Java says:

    What’s the worth of Chamber of Secrets Urdu Hardcover in a good condition??

  7. Java says:

    Oxford edition*

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